Partnership Standards

All partnerships are subject to an annual evaluation, based on the standards listed below. Compliance with a majority of the standards is necessary for continued partnership with the Department.


  • Meets the Department’s Mission and Vision.
  • Provides Recreation and Park services in line with the Department’s functions.


  • Partnership enhances recreational opportunities.
  • Participants are satisfied with the program.
  • Equal access, inclusion of participants with special needs (reasonable accommodations).
  • Program does not duplicate Department services at the facility unless partner is funding an existing program.
  • Instructors are specialized, licensed, experienced and have an appropriate level of education; they are professional, polite and prepared.
  • Participants show progress (if applicable).
  • Partner meets their own goals and objectives.


  • Cost of the program is free, low-cost, or relatively similar to programs in same community.
  • The value of the partnership is provided; “actual” cost per participant is identified.
  • Partner’s annual budget is provided.
  • Partner pays applicable costs.
  • Partner is self-funded and provides benefits at no cost to the Department.


  • Annual number of participants reaches or exceeds target.
  • Participation rates include reasonable proportion from the local community.
  • Consistently recruits new participants.
  • Performs a yearly participation survey.
  • Provides demographic information and analysis.
  • Marketing material includes “In collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks” and Department logo.
  • Partner's website links to the Department website.
  • Department approves all marketing material.
  • Marketing is current and uses various mediums.
  • Photos of minors or depiction of their likeness is not included in any publication without obtaining prior consent from child’s parent or legal guardian.


  • Employees and volunteers of partnership program are fingerprinted and written verification is provided annually.
  • Provides liability insurance that includes the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks as determined by City Risk Manager.
  • Adequate program staff to provide proper supervision and safety.
  • All equipment and instructional supplies adhere to Department safety specifications and requirements.
  • Maintains designated areas in clean and orderly condition.


  • Maintains good communication and a professional relationship with the Department.
  • Compliance with the terms of the agreement.
  • Provides required written reports
  • Non-profit partner has current proof of 501(c)3 and is in good standing.
  • Sub-leasing is not occurring and Department has control over property usage during non-designated times.
  • Capital improvement projects are in conformance with City Standards and in coordination with the Department and Bureau of Engineering (if applicable).

Files Available for Download

Partnership Division Handbook PDF
Standard Provisions for City Contracts PDF
Compliance Resolution Process PDF
Compliance Resolution Form PDF
Annual Performance Evaluation Form PDF