Partnership Criteria

The following criteria is followed during the review of a potential partner’s application and proposal.

  1. Must complement the Department’s Mission and Vision
  2. Ideal partner is fully self-funded, non-profit or for-profit organization that enhances recreation opportunities for residents of Los Angeles. Please Note: For-profit concessionaries do not qualify.
  3. Must comply with Standard Provisions for a City contract.
  4. Must provide current proof of insurance as determined by City Risk Manager.
  5. Must be willing to provide written results including: program’s progress, goals achieved, barriers or obstacles faced, future program goals, proposed changes for future programs, annual participation surveys, expenditures, demographics and attendance records.
  6. All employees and volunteers of partnership programs must be fingerprinted.
  7. Programming opportunities must be free, low-cost, reduced in price, or similar in price to programs in same community.
  8. Program’s enrollment or beneficiaries must be inclusive of neighboring communities and partner must be able to show proof of marketing within an acceptable radius of the site.